General Plan Conformity Reports

Because the property sale is a project that is found to be consistent with the County General Plan, this conformity report is being prepared. The determination of conformity is to be based on the County General Plan including the text, standards, programs, and maps contained therein. Factors that are listed in Framework for Planning, Part I of the Land Use Element that may be considered in determining conformity include, but are not limited to the following:

  • The proposed project bears a reasonable relationship to pertinent policies and mapped locations of the most applicable General Plan elements, specific plan or facility master plan.
  • The project is consistent with the goals, objectives and policies of the Land Use Element and any other applicable General Plan element.
  • A proposed construction project is designed in conformance with the standards of the Land Use Ordinance as well as any standards contained in Chapter 8 of the applicable Land Use Element area plan.
  • The disposal or sale of public property will not eliminate, delay or unreasonably interfere with the opportunity to develop public sites or structures as identified in the General Plan. The proposal should be evaluated for its possible use as a public facility, or for its exchange or sale and subsequent purchase of a better site within the community.