Oak Woodland Ordinance

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there exemptions to this ordinance?

Yes. This ordinance does not apply to the removal of individual oak trees except for Heritage oaks, woodland thinning, tree trimming, or oak trees that are diseased, dead, to creating a hazardous condition. The following circumstances are also exempt:

  • In coordination with Cal Fire
  • To establish a fence line
  • The removal of less than 1 acre of Oak Woodland
How do I get listed on the Department's List of Qualified Individuals?

If you would like to be placed on the list of qualified individuals, please submit a Statement of Qualifications with the required materials as stated in the Oak Woodland Management Plans Request for Qualifications.

Is a permitted removal allowed under the ordinance?

Yes. A permitted removal is allowed under the Oak Woodland Ordinance:

  • A Minor Use Permit is required to remove between 1-3 acres over a ten year period.
  • A Conditional Use Permit is required to remove more than 3 acres over a ten year period.
  • Heritage Oaks, as define in this ordinance, require minor use permit approval for removal.

The Oak Woodland Tree Removal Form is required for property owners who want to remove less than (1) acre of oak woodland on their property and is filed with the Planning and Building Department.

What is an Oak Woodland Management Plan?

An Oak Woodland Management Plan may be used to allow clear-cutting of oak woodland, provided the cumulative amount of clear-cutting does not exceed five percent of the site’s total oak woodland canopy. During the initial timeframe set out in an Oak Woodland Management Plan, a landowner will not be subject to amendments to the Oak Woodland Ordinance. The process and general requirements for establishing an Oak Woodland Management Plan can be found under the guidelines.

Oak Woodland Management Plans should be prepared by a qualified individual acceptable to the Director of Planning and Building and can be found under the Department's list of qualified individuals. Please contact the Department to recommend other qualified individuals be added to the list. If an Oak Woodland Management Plan is to be prepared by a forester, the qualified individual must be a Registered Professional Forester pursuant to Public Resources Code 750 et eq.