Time Extensions for Land Use Permits and Subdivisions

Who can use this service?

Applicants and/or authorized agents with an approved Land Use Permit or Subdivision that has not yet expired. 

Is there a charge for this service?

Fees vary by type and number of Time Extension(s), and may be adjusted each fiscal year.

Specific fees are outlined in our Planning & Building Fee Schedule

What is the process?

Step 1: Submit a Request for Time Extension

Review the information and steps outlined here on this page, and consult the Eligibility & Approval Bodies Table to verify your eligibility.

Once verified, users cans complete and submit the the online Request Form.  

Completion and submittal of this form replaces the need for additional correspondence (letter) requesting the Time Extension, and does not require the applicant/agent to visit our office. 



Step 2: Staff Review

After submitting your request form, you'll receive an e-mail confirming that Department staff has received your request.

Staff will review your request for eligibility. If no additional information is needed staff will input the Time Extension into our system and send an invoice to the e-mail address provided with your request. Staff may also use the e-mail address provided with your request to contact you for additional information as necessary.

Step 3: Payment

Payments can be made online, in person, or by mail.  

For payment online via the CSS Portal, users must register for a free account; this account should use the e-mail address that matches what was submitted with your Time Extension Request Form online.

Requests made online: It is important to note that applicants who submit their request online will have 5 business days to pay their invoice once they receive it. 

Requests made in-office: Payment must be made at time of request (while in-office).

Requests by mail: A check must be submitted with your request letter; please review the Eligibility & Approval Bodies Chart along with the current Fee Schedule to determine the appropriate fee. Request letters must reference your permit number (such as DRC2017-12345 or SUB2017-12345), include a phone number and contact information, and be signed by the applicant or authorized agent on file.  





Step 4: Approval and/or Schedule for Hearing

Depending on the type of Land Use Permit or Land Division (and on the number of Time Extensions that have previously been processed), your Time Extension Request will either be approved directly by Staff or scheduled for the corresponding hearing body. 

You will receive either a letter of approval or a notification of the scheduled hearing date from Staff.  

For additional reference, please see the Time Extension Eligibility & Approval Bodies Table and the List of All Department Hearing Bodies (Boards & Commissions)

When and where is this service offered?

This service is available:



Requests can be submitted at any time for staff to review.



At our planning counter in downtown San Luis Obispo (Old County Courthouse); click here for address and business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out when my Land Use Permit or Subdivision expires?

Expiration dates are tied to the date of County Action (i.e. Hearing Body and/or Review Board Approval Date) and can be found on the 'Notice of Final Action / Final Findings and Conditions' that was mailed to you. 

What if my time extension hearing date is scheduled for a date after my permit expires?

The department only requires that the Time Extension Request be submitted before your expiration date.  As long as payment is made within 5 business days of receiving your invoice, your request is eligible for processing, and your permit will remain valid until the appropriate hearing date and/or staff approval of the Time Extension.

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