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Background Reference Questionnaire
CALIFORNIA EVIDENCE CODE 1040 (a) As used in this section, "official information" means information acquired in confidence by a public employee in the course of his or her duty and not open, or officially disclosed, to the public prior to the time the claim of privilege is made. (b) A public entity has a privilege to refuse to disclose official information, and to prevent another from disclosing official information, if the privilege is claimed by a person authorized by the public entity to do so and: (1) Disclosure is forbidden by an act of the Congress of the United States or a statute of this state; or (2) Disclosure of the information is against the public interest because there is a necessity for preserving the confidentiality of the information that outweighs the necessity for disclosure in the interest of justice; but no privilege may be claimed under this paragraph if any person authorized to do so has consented that the information the interest of the public entity as a party in the outcome of the proceeding may not be considered.
Enter the PIN provided by the Background Investigator
Enter your full name with middle initial.
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How are you associated with the applicant?
What is your general opinion of the applicant's character or personality?
Moral judgment and integrity?:

Does the applicant have good moral judgment and integrity? Please explain below.
Dependable person?:

Is the applicant a dependable person? Please explain above.
Self-motivated person?:

Is the applicant a self-motivated person? Please explain below.
What is the applicant's work ethic?
Treat people fairly?:

Does the applicant treat people fairly? Please explain below.
Work well with others?:

Does the applicant work well with others? Please explain below.
Quick learner?:

Is the applicant a quick learner? Please explain below.
Applicant ever used illegal drugs?:

Does or has the applicant ever used illegal drugs?Please explain below.
Applicant drink alcohol excessively?:

Does the applicant drink alcohol excessively? Please explain below.
Is the applicant a safe driver?:

Please explain below.
Applicant use poor judgment?:

Have you ever know the applicant to use poor judgment? Please explain below.
Work in position of trust?:

Do you have any concerns regarding the applicant's ability to work in a position of trust? Please explain below.
Handle the physical demand?:

Can the applicant handle the physical demand of the position? Please explain below.
Fiscally responsible with finances?:

Do you know if the applicant is/was fiscally responsible with their finances? Please explain below.
Pride in personal appearance?:

Does the applicant take pride in his/her personal appearance? Please explain below.
Applied with other law enforcement?:

Has the applicant applied with any other law enforcement agencies? Please explain below.
Applicants associations:

Do you have concerns about any of the applicant's associations? Please explain below.
Good fit?:

Do you believe the applicant would be a good fit for the Probation Department? Please explain below.
Final Thoughts:
If you have any questions or would prefer to speak to the Background Investigator, please use the contact information contained in the email.
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