Victims of a Crime

If a loss is suffered as part of a crime, the victim of the crime may be entitled to restitution for the value of stolen or damaged property, medical expenses, and lost wages or profits due to injury or time spent as a witness or assisting the police or prosecution.

In order to receive restitution, you must complete and return the claim forms sent to you from the Probation Department. The forms are also available under related forms & documents.   It is important you respond promptly to any inquiries from Probation so the Department can ensure your statement and request for restitution are provided to the Court. You will need to provide copies of bills (including medical), receipts, insurance documents, and/or estimates to substantiate your claim. There is no guarantee, even if ordered, restitution can be recovered; however, the Probation Department, along with the Department of Revenue Recovery, will attempt to collect restitution on your behalf.  If you need further assistance or have questions about the forms, contact the officer named in your letter or call (805) 781-5300.

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