GSP Development

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The Paso Basin GSP Consultant Team has provided the following documents to support discussion of potential Projects & Management Actions to be identified in the Paso Basin GSP, currently under development.

The information contained is draft, subject to change, and does not commit, nor does it necessarily reflect the views, opinions or endorsement of, the Paso Basin Cooperative Committee, the County, or any agency.


This Draft document is posted on and is being distributed to the five Paso Robles Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs) to receive and file. Comments from the public are being collected using a comment form. The form can be found online at If you require a paper form to submit by postal mail, contact your local GSA.


GSP Chapter



Introduction to Paso Robles Subbasin GSP

Public Comment period closed: 10/15/2018



Agency Information


Description of Plan Area


Hydrogeologic Conceptual Model

Revision proposed 9/21/2018, to be received by Cooperative Committee on 10/17/2018.


Groundwater Conditions



Water Budget

DRAFT Chapter 6

Draft Chapters Public Comments


Monitoring Network

DRAFT Chapter 7

Draft Chapters Public Comments


Sustainable Management Criteria

DRAFT Chapter 8

Draft Chapters Public Comments


Projects and Management Actions

DRAFT Chapter 9  (Revised 05/15/19) - Comment Form


Plan Implementation

DRAFT Chapter 10 - Comment Form


Notice and Communications

*C&E Plan

DRAFT Chapter 11  (Revised 05/15/19) - Comment Form


Interagency Agreements

DRAFT Chapter 12 - Comment Form


Reference List

Under Development




Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

Appendix D

Appendix E

Appendix G

Appendix H  (Revised 05/15/19) - Comment Form

Appendix I  (Revised 05/15/19) - Comment Form

Appendix J - Comment Form

The information previously published in Appendix J (Hydrographs showing sustainable management criteria) is still being updated in accordance with comments received and will be incorporated into a revised Chapter 8 Sustainable Management Criteria and Chapter 9 when the compiled draft GSP document is published for further comment.

Appendix K - Comment Form

 Additional GSP Comments received

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