Avila Beach Drive Capacity, Parking, and Circulation Study Updates

Avila Beach Drive Capacity Analysis

Public Works Department is currently assessing updated methodology for determining the capacity and level of service for traffic on Avila Beach Drive. This action was directed by the Board of Supervisors in July of 2016. Public Works has engaged Omni-Means traffic consultants to determine options for measuring capacity. The attached draft report provdes an overview and potential methods for capacity. This report will be reviewed with input from the Avila Valley Advisory Council’s Land Use Committee and the full AVAC council in late 2018 prior to any final recommendations to the Board of Supervisors for adoption.

The previous history of traffic counts on Avila Beach Drive west of San Luis bay Drive is located at: https://www.slocounty.ca.gov/Departments/Public-Works/Services/Traffic-Counts/Avila-Beach-Drive.aspx

Avila Parking Study

A Parking Management Plan for the Port San Luis was commissioned by the Port San Luis Harbor District and includes the Harbor/Pier area along with Avila Beach Drive between the Harbor and San Luis Street as well as the Town of Avila. The study will expand on the 2013 Study providing a framework strategy for the District that responds to the following goals:

  • Provide adequate, convenient and available parking for fishermen, customers, employees, beachgoers and visitors at the harbor.
  • Provide adequate, convenient and available parking for customers, employees, beachgoers and visitors in Avila Beach.
  • Address potential spillover parking into adjacent residential neighborhoods.
  • Plan for increased use of transit and other alternative means of transportation.

The Harbor District’s expressed purpose of the Parking Management Plan is to:

  • Determine whether there is a current or projected shortage of parking, and if so, to what extent;
  • Formulate alternatives for addressing parking needs, supply and demand utilization strategies;
  • Educate the community on the cost of parking;
  • Establish short and long term strategies for parking management: and
  • Develop a parking management plan for efficiently and effectively utilizing parking resources in a small coastal community where land values are at a premium.

The County is working with TJKM traffic consultants on a near term parking study to see what additional parking capacity or management techniques could be deployed.

Avila Circulation Study Update

The County has adopted an Avila Valley Circulation Study in support of an AB1600 Road Improvement Mitigation Program. The study and program seek to develop the transportation elements necessary to support the existing General Plan for the Avila area. Work under the program is currently focused on upgrading the Avila Beach Drive interchange to have a roundabout at the southbound ramp/Shell beach Drive intersection as well as initial planning for improvements to the San Luis Bay Drive interchange. Long range, the study looks to advance satellite parking lots and transit to provide traffic demand management for peak periods. Public Works is currently working on an overall update to the plan and will be reviewing the update with the Avila Valley Advisory Council’s Land Use Committee over the next several months and then review with the full AVAC council in 2019 prior to making final recommendations to the Board of Supervisors. Click here for the most recent report to the Board of Supervisors in December 2017 as an update on status and the fees.

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