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Board of Supervisors Adopts Road Paving Priority List for New Senate Bill 1 Revenues

Author: Public Works
Date: 5/1/2018 10:08:45 AM

On April 17, 2018 the Board of Supervisors took action approving the list of Fiscal Year (FY) 2018-19 road paving projects for submittal to the California Transportation Commission required by the Road Repair and Accountability Act, Senate Bill 1 (SB1). The road segments have been selected from the five year asphalt overlay list of the Pavement Management Program. See link below.

In September of 2017, the Board approved the list of FY 2017-18 road paving projects supported by $2.3M in SB1 funds for FY 2017-18.  These projects include paving 6 miles of O’Donovan Road in Creston and Bennett Way in Templeton, which will start construction in the next few months. A portion of the funds will also be used to repave Main Street in Templeton, which is scheduled to be constructed this fall.

The SB1 funds in FY 2018-19 will provide $6.5M that will be used for the pavement management program to complete approximately 15 miles of paving projects in the FY 2018-19 program. Completion of those projects will maintain the County target Pavement Condition Index (PCI) overall rating of 65 (based on 0-100 scale; 100 equivalent to best pavement rating).

SB1 was passed by the legislature and signed by the Governor in May 2017 and represents the first time the gas tax has been increased since 1993. The bill also added transportation improvement fees for vehicle registration and fees on zero emission vehicles which have not contributed to transportation.

Road paving projects in FY 2018-19 funded by SB1 include many deteriorated interregional roads in the North County as well as several streets in Oceano. These roads include:


To maintain nearly 1,100 miles of County paved roads and sustain the current target PCI of 65 requires approximately $10M annually. The SB1 revenues of $6.5M provides the County the means to meet this objective.