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Community Services Event to Be Held in Paso Robles on October 30

Author: Social Services
Date: 10/21/2019 2:50:22 PM

The County of San Luis Obispo Department of Social Services is proud to present the first ever CommUNITY Connection Event (previously known as MASH and Stand Down). The event is a one stop shop services event with 50 service providers from department of motor vehicles, lunch, super cuts, social services, and CAPSLO, Family Care Network just to name a few.

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA – A one-stop-shop event connecting underrepresented groups to difficult-to-obtain benefits and services will be held in Paso Robles on October 30 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Paso Robles Event Center.

The County of San Luis Obispo County Department of Social Services is bringing together a huge variety of community partners to provide on-site services ranging from tuition assistance to health services at this event named “The Community Connection.”

“We are bringing together highly motivated service providers from across the county to advocate, educate, and provide their services on-site to our friends and neighbors in need”, said Event Coordinator Jessica Lorance. This event is about unifying our county in a collaborative effort to provide for those who may have multiple, hard to define needs that require a team effort to effectively address. This is an opportunity to come together to network, share information, find out about local programs, receive services, and to remind each other why the County of San Luis Obispo is such a wonderful place to live. There will be an abundance of services available to the public that will focus on low-income and housing assistance alongside student and veteran-specific services. Regardless of your income, veteran, or student status, there will be services available for you at this event.

This service event is held on October 30th beginning at 10 a.m. and ending at 2 p.m. in Estrella Hall.  All attendees will receive a free lunch from Paso Cares. Additional services available at this event include flu shots, counseling services, and VA claim support services. The event is funded by public donations and donations from The Community Foundation, CenCal Health, and Dignity Health.

The Community Connection event provides all the services that were provided by the Mobile Assistance and Services addressing Homelessness (M.A.S.H.). It will be held four times each year in different areas of the county in place of the M.A.S.H. events and the event includes a wider variety of services.

For more information on this upcoming event, email Jessica Lorance at [email protected]