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New Program Focuses on Housing Services for Families

Author: Social Services
Date: 10/2/2017 1:34:20 PM

Homelessness alone isn't a reason kids end up in foster care, but they can't be returned to their families if they are homeless. SLO County's Department of Social Services wins funding to help families find homes and reunite kids with parents.

Anyone who has looked for housing in San Luis Obispo County knows finding an affordable place to live can be challenging.   If you are struggling financially, disabled, elderly or facing a crisis in your life, it can feel next to impossible.   With a vacancy rate of only 1.3%, multiple families are vying for the same home and families who may have additional barriers such as an inconsistent work history or credit blemishes are often left out.  Sadly, it can also leave kids in Foster Care longer than is necessary or in the best interest of the child.       

San Luis Obispo County has received funding to keep this from happening.   It is one of only twelve Counties in the State of California selected to receive funding under the State’s innovative Bringing Families Home program.    The Department of Social Services earned the funding this past summer through a competitive application process and will receive the funding over the next two years. 

The Bringing Families Home program helps parents in the Child Welfare System find appropriate and safe housing.   While homelessness alone is not a reason for a child to be removed from their family and placed in the foster care system, children cannot be returned from the foster care system into homelessness.    Because of this, children can stay in foster care longer then needed while their family searches for secure housing. 

San Luis Obispo County will serve at least 50 families in the Child Welfare system under the Bringing Families Home program.    It utilizes a “housing first” approach that offers both supportive services and intensive case management with the goal of securing stable housing.  

The Department of Social Services is truly grateful to have been selected to receive funding for this vital program.    It means children will spend less time in the foster care system, and be able to get home to their families sooner.