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Beginning Tuesday, July 7th, 2020, from 9 AM to 1 PM, the Veterans Services Office will assist Veterans who would like to have Veteran Designation applied to their CA Drivers License or State ID card. Veterans will be helped on a walk-up basis in our outdoor office set-up. Per California Department of Public Health, please wear a face covering.  All other appointment matters are currently being addressed by phone. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a phone appointment, please call 805-781-5766.

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Article Catalog

Publication Date Title Author
06/26/2020 Cal Vet Streamlines College Fee Waiver Process for Applicants Awaiting IRS Non Filing Letters SLO Veterans Services Office
04/22/2020 Five Reasons Veterans Should Complete the Census SLO Veterans Services Office
03/13/2020 County Appoints Combat Vet as New Veterans Services Officer Veterans Services Office
08/20/2019 Veterans can now add their veteran status to their CA Driver License SLO Veterans Services
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10/26/2018 Look Out, The Community Connection Events are Just Getting Started SLO Veterans Services
10/15/2018 Low-Income and Housing Assistance Event Open to All SLO Veterans Services
09/01/2018 Low Cost Dental Insurance for Veterans SLO Veterans Services Office
08/03/2018 Resource Spotlight: CalVet Tuition Fee Waiver SLO Veterans Services Office
07/18/2018 Understanding the VA Claim Exam Process SLO Veterans Services Office
06/19/2018 Taking Veterans Services to the Streets SLO Veterans Services
05/15/2018 The Wall That Heals Impacted our Community SLO Veterans Services Office
03/19/2018 Variety of Events Scheduled for The Wall That Heals Exhibit SLO Veterans Services Office
03/01/2018 Resource Spotlight: In Memory Program Honors Vietnam Veterans SLO County Veterans Services Office
02/27/2018 County of San Luis Obispo to Host All-New Larger The Wall That Heals Exhibit SLO Veterans Services
02/27/2018 Volunteers Needed for The Wall That Heals Exhibit SLO Veterans Services Office
02/06/2018 The Wall That Heals is coming to San Luis Obispo County of SLO Veterans Services Office
02/06/2018 Resource Spotlight: Veterans Online Shopping Benefit SLO Veterans Services
02/06/2018 Resource Spotlight: Presidential Memorial Certificate SLO Veterans Services Office
02/06/2018 Resource Spotlight: California's Distinguished Veteran Pass SLO County Veterans Services Office
12/20/2017 County Team Springs into Action to Aid Injured Child Veterans Services Office