GIS Web Maps and Dashboards

Environmental Health Services (EHS) maintains a Geographic Information System (GIS) that enables the public and EHS staff to visualize and analyze permit locations tied to timely inspection results and other program data via targeted web maps and dashboards.

Please view our Story Map to see how we are extending our services via GIS tools.

Quick links to our GIS apps:

DrillerView Water Well Site Analysis for Well Drillers 

EatSafeSLO Retail Food Facility Inspection Results Web Map 

InkSafeSLO Body Art Facility Inspection Results Web Map

MosquitoSurveillanceView Seasonal Mosquito Surveillance Trapping Results

SurfSafeSLO Beach Status Mobile Best for Mobile Use: Current Beach Water Quality Results Web Map Only

SurfSafeSLO Beach Status Dashboard Current Beach Water Quality Results Dashboard

SurfSafeSLO Historical Historical Beach Water Quality Dashboard

SwimSafeSLO Public Swimming Pool and Spa Facility Inspection Results Web Map

Water Well Construction Permit Lookup Dashboard 2 Years of Water Well Construction Permits 


Environmental Health Services Supervisors

Environmental Health Services is open Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm. 

Leslie Terry (805) 781-5553  [email protected]

  • Beach Water Quality, Cross-Connection, Land Use, Small Public Water Systems, Water Well Programs and Vector Programs

Curt Batson (805) 781-5595  [email protected]

  • Body Art, Food Protection, Swimming Pools and Spas

Peter Hague (805) 781-5554  [email protected]

  • Hazardous Materials (CUPA) Programs