The San Luis Obispo County Pension Trust is an independent trust that administers the San Luis Obispo County Employees Retirement Plan (a defined benefit pension plan).
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This report is an audit of all major federal programs in compliance with U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-133. The Auditor's opinion on compliance with federal requirements is presented in the report along with each federal program identified in the Sch...
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The Internal Audit Division follows the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (Standards) put forth by the Institute of Internal Auditors.  In accordance with these Standards, the Internal Audit Division submits audit reports to parties, i...
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The Information Technology Department (ITD) does more than just in-house service work. ITD delivers reliable and secure solutions to support the whole of the County's technology needs. We safeguard and support systems, networks and data from within, while offering additional ...
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Information provided to vendors to assist with their contractual obligations with the County.
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Reciprocity is an agreement between the San Luis Obispo County Pension Trust (SLOCPT) and the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS).  Reciprocity also exists between SLOCPT and those County Retirement Plans that are established pursuant to the County Employe...
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DROP is an optional, voluntary program that allows you to have your retirement benefits deposited in a special investment account and cease making contributions to the Pension Trust while you continue to work in  your current position. This alternative retirement program is o...
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The Deferred Compensation Plan is offered by the County to enable employees to save for their future on a tax favorable basis. The County's Deferred Compensation Plan is established and administered pursuant to Section 457 of the Internal Revenue Code.
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The Board of Trustees administers the Retirement Plan and governs the investment of the Plan's assets. The Board is composed of seven members: Three Trustees who are elected by the Active members; three Trustees appointed by the Board of Supervisors; and the Ex-Officio Truste...
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This map retrieves and displays permitted cannabis cultivations within one mile of an input location. Simply click on an area of the map, or enter an address, to find out if there are cannabis cultivations nearby.
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