Megan's Law provides the public with information on individuals who have been previously convicted of committing sex crimes and are required to register their whereabouts with local law enforcement. 
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The Victim Witness Assistance Center provides a wide variety of services to victims and witnesses to help reduce the trauma, frustration, and inconvenience experienced by those affected by crime.
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When a witness receives a subpoena issued by the District Attorney’s Office, the Victim Witness Assistance Center provides services to support the witness through the court process.  
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In California, victims of crime have rights that are protected by the California Constitution and by California laws.
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When an offender is incarcerated, the Victim Witness Assistance Center can help link victims with resources so the victim can be notified when the offender is released.
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In some cases, the guilty verdict is appealed, or challenged by the defendant.  The State Attorney General’s Office handles these appeals for felony cases.  To request to be notified of an appeal of a felony, complete the Attorney General’s form  and return it to your victi...
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You can make a report online for the following types of incidents: Harassing phone calls Lost property Suspicious circumstances Petty theft Bicycle theft  Vandalism Graffiti 
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The County of San Luis Obispo Sheriff's Office dispatch facility has the capacity to inform the public directly by sending a phone message to each land-line phone in the San Luis Obispo County to inform persons of evacuation orders, missing persons, Amber Alerts, etc. To r...
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Public defenders are attorneys provided by County government to represent people who are charged with a crime but can't afford legal representation. Juveniles and individuals with conservatorship cases may also receive these services. The County contracts with private attorne...
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In addition to the services provided by the District Attorney’s Victim Witness Assistance Center, there are many local, state, and national resources for victims of crime.
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