Board of Supervisors in Chambers
SLO County Board of Supervisors Chambers

Supervisors Approve New Approach to Address Homelessness

Author: Administration
Date: 8/12/2022 3:16 PM

In a 5-0 vote, San Luis Obispo County Supervisors approved a new 5-year-plan to address homelessness in our communities by 50-percent.

The plan approved this week by Supervisors aims to curb homelessness by 50-percent in 5 years. The plan represents months of collaboration and input from the public, various agencies and non-profits who work with the homeless, formerly homeless clients, and cities throughout the county.

“What we have is a plan that focuses on streamlining resources, strengthening partnerships among cities and other agencies, and regular accountability of how the program is working as we progress,” said County Administrative Officer Wade Horton.

Representatives from various agencies in the business of addressing homelessness spoke-up at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting, complementing the plan and the sense of focused action it includes.

“What’s been developed here is a battleplan,” said Susan Funk, Chair of the Homeless Services Oversight Council (HSOC).

The plan unites groups involved with the homeless under the leadership of a new Homeless Services Division at the County’s Department of Social Services. It also calls for immediate expansion of interim housing like the Oklahoma Avenue Parking Site, tiny homes and pallet shelter projects. Increased mental health and addiction services are also part of the plan and are already being implemented.

“Collaboration is a key component of the new strategy, and we are so glad to see all factions of the community come together and support our plan,” said Horton.

“There are more brains around the table than I’ve ever seen before,” Said 5-Cities Homeless Coalition Executive Director Janna Nichols. “I see more willingness to look outside of the box as we address this issue.”

The plan includes six separate lines of effort and hopes to house approximately 2,000 people in 5 years. You can learn more about the plan at:

You can learn more about the plan at: SLOCO 5-Year Plan to Address Homelessness

To view a video about the plan, visit: SLO County Plan to Address Homelessness