Multiple Offender Program

The Multiple Offender Program DUI Program is an eighteen (18) month Education and Group Counseling program.

The Education curriculum (6 weeks — 12 hours) includes videos, lectures and group discussions with informational materials on DUI law, court requirements, substance abuse and problem drinking.

The Group Counseling component of the program combines 52 hours of weekly group process sessions with individual interviews every other week. Sessions are conducted in a confidential, supportive atmosphere in which participants are encouraged to identify and resolve alcohol-related problems and make positive lifestyle changes.

Community Re-entry is the final 6-month phase of the program. It consists of five, 1-hour group sessions, and concurrent with the final six months of the program.

Programs are conducted in English and Spanish.

Eligibility: Those who have been convicted of two or more DUI offenses in the past ten years.  

Program fees are listed on the Driving Under the Influence homepage