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San Luis Obispo County, California

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Adult Services

About Adult Services

Adult Services operates two programs: Protective Services for Adults and In-Home Supportive Services.


Protective Services for Adults

The Adult Protective Services program protects dependent adults and seniors. It investigates allegations of abuse, intervenes when necessary, and provides community education. Services are provided without regard to income, to assure that elderly and dependent adults who live in the community and who are in danger of neglect, abuse, or exploitation receive prompt intervention to investigate and mitigate abuse. We provide 24-hour response to persons in immediate danger; as well as service coordination, counseling, case management, in-home protection and supportive services to victims of abuse.


In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)


Important Message to all IHSS Recipients & Providers

There is a last minute court decision that postpones the implementation of IHSS Provider Overtime until further court decisions.  Click here for more information.  The California Department of Social Services In-Home Supportive Services website has been updated to include information about the Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA) court ruling that was filed on January 14, 2015. You may find this information at the following link:


The In-Home Supportive Services Program provides domestic and personal care services to over 2,000 seniors and disabled residents through the services of over 1,400 caregivers.  Domestic care such as meal preparation, laundry, shopping and personal care services are provided to enable elderly, blind, or disabled persons to remain in their own home, to help maintain and strengthen capability for self-care, and to safeguard functioning in their own home rather than being placed outside of the home in an assisted living situation.

You may be eligible for IHSS if you are disabled or a senior (over the age of 65 years) or at risk of placement in out of home care.  In order to be eligible for IHSS you must either be a current recipient of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or be eligible for the State's Medi-Cal Program.  IHSS is provided through individual providers who are hired by you, monitored by the Department, and paid by the State.

The State has a variety of helpful documents for IHSS clients who employ In-Home help, links to which are provided below:

Overview of the IHSS Program

Finding, Interviewing & Hiring a Provider

Getting Started with your new Provider

IHSS Consumer & ProviderJob Agreement

IHSS Authorized Tasks

Supervising your Provider

Communicating wth your Provider

Setting and Maintaining Boundaries

Suggestions on How to Handle Money


Recognizing Abusive Behaviors

Deciding When to Fire a Provider

Paramedical Services

Share of Cost

Teaching and Demonstration

IHSS State Website

Weekly Hours Calculator

Attached here is an Excel Worksheet that converts monthly provider hours into weekly hours.  Click here for the weekly hours calculator.

Helpful Videos

Videos about the process of IHSS clients hiring and working with care providers are also available. 

  1. How to Properly Complete your IHSS Timesheet: This video provides information for IHSS providers on how to properly complete Timesheets for processing in CMIPS II. The video instructs you about how to complete IHSS timesheets and how to avoid common timesheet mistakes which may delay payment.  The video is available at the following link: 

  2. Introduction and Services: This video provides a brief summary of the IHSS program, including basic eligibility criteria, the home visit process, available services and supports, and the care provider selection process. The video is available at the following link: - Intro


  3. Hiring a Provider: This video provides information on how an IHSS client may hire a care provider, including tips on how to find, interview, and select a care provider. The video is available at the following link: - Hiring


  4. Supervising Your Provider: This video provides information on how to properly supervise a care provider, including suggestions on how to appropriately communicate with a care provider, how to maintain privacy and protect personal identifying information, and how to direct care providers in completing authorized IHSS tasks. The video is available at the following link: - Supervising


How to Apply for Adult Services 

If you are elderly, blind or disabled and concerned for your own safety or if you are concerned about the safety of an elderly or dependent adult in San Luis Obispo County, please call (805) 781-1790.
Any person has the right to apply for In-Home Supportive Services for aged or dependent adults. Certain conditions must be met to qualify for the program. It is important if you or an elderly person you know needs help to contact the Department of Social Services and speak with a Social Worker.


To Contact Adult Services

Call Adult Services at (805) 781-1790.  Office hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.  You can make a report to Adult Protective Services after business hours by calling (800) 838-1381.  If you need to report an emergency during off hours, please call 9-1-1.


More Help for Needy Adults

The Adult Services division collaborates with community partners from around the county on the Adult Services Policy Council which handles issues that concern the county's dependent adults and seniors.  Click here to go to the Adult Services Policy Council web page for useful information and resources for seniors and dependent adults living in San Luis Obispo county.


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