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Childhood vaccines protect the moments today that are building the foundation for a bright future. 

The pandemic has caused many disruptions, including delays for checkups and routine vaccines.

Now is a great time to catch up. 

Kids are born with immune systems that can fight many germs, but there are some diseases they can’t handle. Vaccines help children’s immune systems recognize and learn to fight serious diseases, from polio and tetanus to meningitis and COVID-19. 

Vaccinating children against these preventable diseases means protecting them from the risk of severe illness – the kind that could result in hospitalization, death, or lifelong injury. It also means children can be in the classroom, at the playground, and out exploring the world instead of being sick at home or in the hospital.


Where to get your child's vaccines

Children may receive vaccines at their pediatrician's office, a pharmacy, or a nearby public health clinic.

If you are looking for COVID-19 vaccines, you can still find them at many pharmacies. Find locations where COVID-19 vaccines are available near you.


The COVID-19 vaccine joins many others that are recommended for children

Polio. DTaP. Varicella. The COVID-19 vaccine joins other vaccines that are recommended to protect children's developing bodies. 

The CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics routinely recommend vaccinations based on years of data and first-hand experience. Now, health care providers include the COVID-19 vaccine to the set of vaccines they provide to protect children’s health.

Talk with your pediatrician or a public health nurse to determine the best time for each. 

Recommended Schedule for Ages 0-6 (CDC)

Recommended Schedule for Ages 7-18 (CDC)


Resources about vaccines for children

Get answers to the questions about vaccines for children, from local doctors and the field's top experts.





See more videos with pediatricians answering questions about vaccines


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