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Every health care provider can play a critical role in helping end this pandemic. Find resources below, and let us know if you have questions. 

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Provider Advisories

Public Health issues time-sensitive public health updates to health care providers. See the most recent advisories below. 

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11-22-2022-Reminder-for-Intrepreting-Valley-Fever-Test-Results Reminder for Interpreting Valley Fever Test Results
11-17-2022-Updated-CDPH-Guidance-Amid-Ebola-Virus-Disease-Outbreak-in-Central-Uganda This state guidance speaks to PPE use and other preparedness guidance from frontline health care providers who could possibly encounter patients suspected of Ebola virus disease.
11-15-2022-Health-Advisory_Early-RSV-and-Seasonal-Influenza-Activity Early RSV and Seasonal Influenza Activity
11-08-2022-Update-on-Ebola-Outbreak-in-Uganda-Preparedness-Webinar-for-CA-Frontline-HC CDC Update on Ebola Outbreak in Uganda and State Webinar on Preparedness for Frontline Healthcare Facilities
11-07-2022-Increased-Respiratory-Virus-Activity,-Especially-Among-Children_advisory Increased Respiratory Virus Activity, Especially Among Children, Early in the 2022-2023 Fall and Winter

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California Health Alert Network (CAHAN)

CAHAN is California’s web-based information and communications system for distrubuting health alerts, disseminating treatment and guidelines, coordinating disease investigation efforts, preparedness planning, and other initiatives that strengthen state and local preparedness.

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COVID-19 Treatments

Many patients with COVID-19 can recover at home without prescription treatment. But for some people who have certain health conditions or are age 65 and older, prescription treatment may be an important help.

Currently, health care providers in SLO County are asked to prioritize patients in Tiers 1-4 of the National Institutes of Health COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines for Patient Prioritization for access to treatment; this includes those age 65+ and those of any age with health conditions that increase the risk for severe COVID-19

Treatment within the first 24-48 hours of symptom onset is ideal.  Encourage your patients to test for COVID-19 early (at the first symptoms) and five days after a known exposure. 

See COVID-19 Treatments

NIH has released treatment guidelines for the therapeutic management of nonhospitalized adults with COVID-19. It includes several options:

Paxlovid (nirmatrelvir tablets and ritonavir tablets), is the #1 recommended treatment right now. Studies show it’s highly effective at preventing hospitalization and death when started early. Eligibility now includes all 4 Tiers of the NIH Treatment Guidelines for Patient prioritization. It is in supply at multiple pharmacies across SLO County and through Community Health Centers of the Central Coast (CHC). See a list of pharmacies at  See the FDA fact sheet for healthcare providers

Monoclonal Antibodies (currently Bebtelovimab) are most effective when started as early as possible, no later than seven days after symptoms begin. See the FDA Fact Sheet for Bebtelovimab.

Remdesivir is the only COVID-19 medication treatment option for individuals less than 12 years of age. It is currently in adequate supply and health care providers may order it directly from the manufacturer. In addition to hospital settings, it may now be provided in skilled nursing facilities, home healthcare settings and outpatient facilities such as infusion centers. The Public Health Department can provide technical assistance to providers who wish to begin administering this medication to outpatients.  

Evusheld is available for patients (ages 12+) who are moderately or severely immunocompromised (for whom the COVID-19 vaccines may not create strong protection) and for those who cannot complete the COVID-19 vaccine series due to allergy or a severe reaction. Evusheld is available by physician referral from:

  • Dr. Barry Eibschutz, 805-781-0702
  • Dr. Frank Scott (Arthritis Medical Center), 805-473-4001
  • Dr. Thomas Spillane, 805-543-5577

Where to find COVID-19 treatments locally: 


For more information about treatments: 


COVID-19 Testing

Rapid antigen tests for COVID are increasingly available to patients at local pharmacies, with health plans now required to cover the costs.  

COVID-19 Testing for Medical Providers. Please use the COVID-19 Testing Referral Form to request testing for medical providers in SLO County. 

Outbreak Response Testing and Other Testing Support. For consultation regarding response to an outbreak, please contact [email protected] or call 805-781-5500. For questions regarding testing support and supplies, please contact [email protected].

No-cost community testing sites are available across San Luis Obispo County. These sites provide antigen tests and laboratory-based PCR testing for the public at no cost to the patient. For those who have health insurance, information will be collected when registering for an appointment and no co-pay is required. There is no charge for those without insurance. See locations and sign up for a free COVID-19 test
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Please use the COVID-19 Confidential Morbidity Report to report a case of COVID-19. 

Report a COVID-19 Case


Isolation and Quarantine

Providers may refer to isolation and quarantine guidance when advising patients on their isolation and quarantine requirements and duration.

See Isolation and Quarantine Guidance

You can also refer patients to the COVID-19 Navigator, which can help guide them through their next steps.

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Additional resources for you and your patients

Print resources for your practice

Below are some print resources to communicate information about COVID-19 and the COVID-19 vaccine. Below you will find ready-to-use resources that can be shared with the populations you work with. Not seeing the information that you need?  Contact us and let us know!

Face masks signs

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Photo of keep your distance sign

Keep your distance signs

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Booster dose flow chart

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Photo of vaccine poster

Vaccine Posters

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See brochures here.


Photo of surgeon general toolkit

Surgeon General's

Toolkit on Misinformation

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Vaccines continue to be the best line of defense against infection with COVID-19.  Fully-vaccinated and boosted patients have significantly less risk of complications and death.  

COVID-19 vaccine schedule. See the COVID-19 vaccine schedule timing by age from Vaccinate All 58.

Schedule and doses for immune compromised patients. The vaccination schedule for certain immunocompromised patients (see list of medical conditions) includes several different intervals.

Public Health clinics are available to provide the additional vaccine doses recommended for immune compromised patients if they have trouble accessing additional doses at local pharmacies.   

CDC has also provided new guidelines for mRNA vaccination of boys and men ages 12-39.  To stay current on updated vaccination guidelines, see the CDC's Interim Clinical Considerations for Use of Covid-19 Vaccines

More vaccine resources: