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COVID-19 Updates: Get the latest public information related to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) at

Due to significant public health concerns from the COVID-19 coronavirus and the proclamation of a local emergency established to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Department of Agriculture/Weights and Measures will be closed to the public until further notice. Please contact the Department via phone or email for additional information or to obtain necessary services.

Please see the March 2020 Department of Agriculture / Weights and Measures Update for more information and a list of the Department‚Äč's ‚Äčessential services that will continue to be performed during this closure.

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Name Description Type
Agricultural-Pest-Control-Business-Registration-Letter Agricultural Pest Control Business Registration Letter File
CFM-Scale-Inspections-Procedure-Change CFM Scale Inspections - Procedure Change File
Farm-Labor-Contractor-Registration-Letter Farm Labor Contractor Registration Letter File
Federally-Restricted-Rodent-Bait Federally Restricted Rodent Bait File
Ground-Squirrel-Management Ground Squirrel Management File
Guidelines-for-Hazardous-Waste-Disposal Guidelines-for-Hazardous-Waste-Disposal File
Item-No-39-Ordinance-3393-Urgency-Ordinance Tuesday, June 18th, The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors passed an urgency ordinance placing a temporary moratorium on the cultivation of industrial hemp. File
Letter-to-Potential-Apiary-Registrants Letter to Potential Apiary Registrants File
Maintenance-Gardener-Registration-Letter Maintenance Gardener Registration Letter File
Pest-Control-Adviser-Registration-Letter Pest Control Adviser Registration Letter File
Pesticide-Container-Disposal Pesticide Container Disposal File
Pilot-Registration-Letter Pilot Registration Letter File
State-Organic-Registration-Changes-01-01-2017 State-Organic-Registration Changes 01-01-2017 File
San-Luis-Obispo-County-Beekeeping-Ordinance San Luis Obispo County Beekeeping Ordinance File
Structural-Pest-Control-Business-Registration-Letter Structural Pest Control Business Registration Letter File
Surface-Water-Regulation-Flow-Chart Surface Water Regulation Flow Chart For Structural Pest Control Business File