November 2, 2010 General Election

Election Date Election Type
11/2/2010 General

Election Results

  • Final Official Election Results
  • Precinct by Precinct Summary Reports (Statement of Votes Cast) 
  • Precinct by Precinct Summary - County, Cities, Assembly and Congressional
  • Precinct by Precinct Summary - Schools and Special Districts
  • Statement of Vote

Election Information

  • Important Dates
  • Schedule for placing a measure on the ballot
  • Measure I-10 Atascadero Unified School District Bond
  • Media Guide

Voter Information

  • List of Polling Places
  • Sample Ballot Booklets - Information on local candidates and measures
  • State Voter Information Guide - Information on state candidates and propositions
  • Supreme Court Information - Information on Supreme Court Justices on the ballot for confirmation
  • Appellate Court Information - Information on Justices from the Court of Appeals, 2nd District on the ballot for confirmation

Candidate Information

  • List of Candidates
  • Candidates Manual