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Registrar of Voters - Commissioner of Civil Marriages

Voter Language Assistance


  • All Precincts
  • All Voter Service Centers


  • Consolidated Precincts: 403, 404, and 405
  • All Voter Service Centers

To determine your Con (precinct), please refer to the top left corner of your Vote By Mail ballot, which contains your precinct information (i.e. CON 403).

Facsimile ballots and instructions will be provided upon request. You can request to view the facsimile ballot for the language that is available at a Voter Service Center, listed in your Voting Instructions page.

Vote By Mail Voters

You can request a facsimile ballot in one of the languages available:

  • By Phone:  805-781-5228
  • By E-Mail:   [email protected]
  • By Mail:      1055 Monterey Street, Suite D120 San Luis Obispo, CA 93408
  • In Person:  At the Clerk-Recorder’s Office at 1055 Monterey Street, D120, San Luis Obispo or 6565 Capistrano Avenue (2nd floor),                          Atascadero
  • Online:

Spanish Language Ballot Technology

With new accessible ballot-marking technology (ICX voting machines), a Spanish language voting experience can assist voters with making their selections and marking their ballots. They are available at the County Clerk-Recorder’s office beginning October 5th, and at all Voter Service Centers from October 31 – November 3rd, Election Day. 


November 3, 2020 Presidential General Election
Elections and Voting