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BREAKING: Source of Voter 'Robocalls' Identified

Author: District Attorney
Date: 2/28/2020 11:48:25 AM

District Attorney Dan Dow Announced today that Kevin P. Rice, a Kern County resident, came forward and contacted the DA's Office regarding recent 'robocalls' in Supervisorial District 3 race.

District Attorney Dan Dow announced today that during the evening of February 27, 2020, Kevin P. Rice of Kern County contacted the District Attorney’s Office indicating that he was fully responsible for the recent ‘robocalls’ made to registered voters in Supervisorial District 3.  The individual advised he would be willing to be interviewed by a District Attorney Investigator and completely cooperate with our ongoing investigation into the matter.

District Attorney Investigators conducted a full interview of Mr. Rice at the District Attorney’s Office from 9:00am to 11:12am this morning, February 28, 2020.  Mr. Rice provided many details and relevant documentation that is now being reviewed by both our investigation and prosecution teams.  During the interview, Mr. Rice was adamant that he acted independently and did not have any contact with either Supervisor Adam Hill or Candidate Stacy Korsgaden’s campaigns. 

Political campaigns in California are governed by the California’s Political Reform Act published in Government Code sections 81000-91014.  Any person who knowingly or willfully violates any provision of this title is guilty of a misdemeanor (Cal Gov. C. 91000).  Additional state and federal laws regulate the use of telephones and electronic communications systems.

“The integrity of our election system is of paramount importance to our American system of government by the People.  I am firmly committed to aggressively enforcing violations of election and campaign law to ensure that members of our community are able to cast their vote without interference of unlawful campaigning activity,” said District Attorney Dan Dow.

It should be noted that the investigation is ongoing, and the District Attorney’s Office is collaborating with other outside law enforcement agencies.  The evidence obtained during our investigation will be carefully reviewed to determine whether a crime has been committed.

Anyone with any information that could be helpful to this investigation is encouraged to contact the District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigation at 805-781-5800.

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