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Celebrating Recovery during COVID-19

Author: Behavioral Health Department
Date: 8/18/2020 11:16:04 AM

This year's 32nd virtual Adult Drug Court graduation ceremony is especially triumphant as graduates successfully completed their treatment amid COVID-19.

SLO Behavioral Health Drug and Alcohol Services is excited to celebrate recovery during the 32nd Adult Drug Court Graduation on Friday, August 21st.

The Drug & Alcohol Services Division offers a variety of services and programs to help people who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, including public walk-in clinics, outpatient treatment, and court-mandated programs. The Adult Drug Court program provides treatment options for local community members who are experiencing substance use issues and have had recent involvement with the legal justice system.

Graduation is a special honorary time where counselors celebrate the hard work clients have put into maintaining their recovery. During the graduation, many clients courageously share stories of their journey to sobriety and acknowledge family, friends, and the community for helping them get through difficult times. This month’s ceremony is especially triumphant as graduates successfully completed their treatment amid COVID-19. The pandemic presented unique challenges to graduates including increased stress levels, disrupted routines, isolation, and new remote treatment sessions.  

“We have eleven clients that have rocked their recovery all the way through this pandemic. They were looking forward to participating in our traditional graduation, so the team has decided to move them along to the next phase of their life via Zoom,” says Clark Guest, Drug and Alcohol Services Program Supervisor.

SLO Behavioral Health began offering remote clients services starting in March when the Shelter at Home order went into effect across California. The remote services enabled clients to continue their treatment programs virtually allowing clients to stay on track and sober during the pandemic. The department has encouraged clients to take advantage of local and national recovery networks to ensure no one is alone in their recovery journey.

Information about virtual recovery resources during COVID-19 is available online at www.slobehavioralhealth.org. Local residents can learn more about enrolling in SLO Behavioral Drug and Alcohol Services by calling 1-800-838-1381.