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Name Description Type Action
AB114 Spending Plan FY 2017-2018 thru 2019-2020 County of SLO AB 114 Spending Plan - BOS approved 8-7-18 File Download
County-of-San-Luis-Obispo-FY_2017-18_MHSA_RER-revised-PEI-JPA-12-18-18 MHSA Revenue and Expenditure Report, FY 2017-2018 File Download
County-of-San-Luis-Obispo-FY-2016-17-MHSA-Rev-and-Exp-Report File Download
DRAFT AB 114 Spending plan FY2017-2018 thru 2019-2020 County of SLO DRAFT Spending plan for funds subject to AB 114 Final public review File Download
MHSA Fiscal Definitions This document outlines MHSA fiscal definitions. File Download
MHSA-Reserve-Request_4_2008 FY 2007-2008 Notice of funding from CSS to Prudent Reserve File Download

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