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Name Description Type Action
SLO-PHL-City-of-SLO-HAZARDOUS-MATERIALS-Permit City of San Luis Obispo Hazardous Materials Permit File Download
SLO-PHL-CLIA-certificate Certificate of Compliance Valide 3-15-17 to 3-14-19 File Download
SLO-PHL-CUPA-certificate CUPA Certificate File Download
SLO-PHL-Environmental-Lab-Accreditation-Program-Accredited-Fields-of-Testing Environmental Lab Accreditation Program Accredited Fields of Testing File Download
SLO-PHL-Environmental-Lab-Accreditation-Program-Certificate Environmental Lab Accreditation Program Certificate File Download
SLO-PHL-HAZARDOUS-WASTE-ID-number Hazardous Waste ID Number File Download
SLO-PHL-MEDICAL-WASTE-PERMIT Medical Waste Permit File Download
SLO-PHL-STATE-CERTIFICATE-no-1260 State Certificate no. 1260 File Download
SLO-PHL-USDA-non-SA-Agents USDA non-SA Agents Certificate File Download
SLO-Public-Health-Large-Quantity-Medical-Waste-Generator-Certificate Large Quantity Medical Waste Generator Certificate File Download

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