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Name Description Type Action
10-MTuberculosis-NAAT-Literature-summary-3-30-17 MTuberculosis NAAT Literature Summary File Download
11-Norovirus-Fact-Sheet-3-30-17 Norovirus Fact Sheet File Download
12,13,14-QuantiFERON-Fact-Sheets-and-Literature QuantiFERON-Fact-Sheets-and-Literature File Download
12-QuantiFERON-Fact-Sheet QuantiFERON Fact Sheet File Download
13-QuantiFERON-Literature-summary-QFT-and-Rx-3-30-17 QuantiFERON Literature Summary QFT and Rx File Download
14-QuantiFERON-Literature-summary-QFT-boosting-3-30-17 QuantiFERON Literature Summary QFT Boosting File Download
15-Respiratory-PCR-Panel-Fact-Sheet-3-30-2017 Respiratory PCR Panel Fact Sheet File Download
16-SLOPHL-LRN-profile-3-30-2017 SLOPHL LRN Profile File Download
17,19-Syphilis-Serology-TPPA-Fact-Sheet File Download
17-Syphilis-Serology-fact-sheet-3-30-2017 Syphilis Serology Fact Sheet File Download
18-Tick-Collection-and-Testing-3-30-2017 Tick Collection and Testing File Download
19-TPPA-Fact-Sheet-3-30-2017 TPPA Fact Sheet File Download
1-Bordetella-PCR-Fact-Sheet Bordetella PCR Fact Sheet File Download
20-Mumps-PCR-Fact-Sheet-1-9-18 Test 6170 Updated 2-14-18 File Download
20-Trichomonas-amplification-3-30-2017 Trichomonas Amplification File Download
21-VZV-Fact-Sheet-3-30-2017 VZV Fact Sheet File Download
22-Water-Testing-Fact-Sheet-3-30-2017 Water Testing Fact Sheet File Download
23-Web-Portal-Get-Results-Instructions Web Portal Get Results Instructions File Download
29-M-gen-amplification-10-19-18 Laboratory Test Fact Sheet - Mycoplasma genitalium amplification File Download
2-Chlamydia-Gonorrhea-Amplification-Fact-Sheet-3-30-17 Chlamydia Gonorrhea Amplification Fact Sheet File Download
3-Enterovirus_Fact-Sheet_3_30_2017 Enterovirus Fact Sheet File Download
4-Fungus-Yeast-Identification-Fact-Sheet-3-30-2017 Fungus Yeast Identification Fact Sheet File Download
5-GP-Fact-Sheet-3-30-2017 GP Fact Sheet File Download
6-Influenza-virus-PCR-Fact-Sheet-3-30-17 Influenza Virus PCR Fact Sheet File Download
7,10-MTuberculosis-Fact-Sheet-and-Literature MTuberculosis Fact Sheet and NAAT Literature summary 3-30-17 File Download
7-M-tuberculosis-Amp-GeneXpert-MTB-RIF-3-30-17 M Tuberculosis Amp GeneXpert MTB RIF File Download
8-Measles-PCR-Fact-Sheet-2-14-18 Test 6180 Updated 2-14-18 File Download
9-MERS-CoV-Quicksheet-6-12-2015 MERS CoV Quicksheet File Download

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