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HICS-251 Form-Facility-System-Status-Report

The HICS 251-Facility System Status Report is used to record the status of various critical facility systems and infrastructure. The HICS 251 provides the Planning and Operations Sections with information about current and potential system failures or limitations that may affect incident response and recovery.

MHOAC Resource Request Form

Medical Health Operational Area Coordinator (MHOAC) resource request form; Use this form to order resources from the MHOAC (updated 8-5-2021)


Medical Health Operational Area Coordinator: During non-emergency operations and the initial phases of an emergency, the MHOAC Program operates in a duty officer mode and is on call 24/7

MHOAC Program Standard Operating Procedure

The MHOAC Program role is to facilitate the strategic availability of necessary emergency medical and health resources by coordinating resources within, into and out of the SLO OA. The MHOAC also coordinates information among medical and health entities through situation reporting. The MHOAC Program has 4 major activities to perform in order to ensure the operational effectiveness of the 17 mandated functions Auth 6-2011; Revised 7-2013; 6-2017; 7-2019

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