Whole Person Care Pilot Project

The Whole Person Care Pilot Project (WPCPP) is a five-year pilot project ending in June 2025. The pilot project was authorized by the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) with the overarching goal to coordinate health, behavioral health, and social services, as applicable, in a patient-centered manner with the goals of improving beneficiary health and wellbeing through more efficient and effective use of resources. 

Through collaborative leadership and systematic coordination among public and private entities, the WPCPP identify key communities, share allowable data between system prorviders, coordinate care, and evaluate individual and population progress-all with the goal of providing comprehensive coordinated care for the beneficiary and improve health outcomes.

Whole Person Care in San Luis Obispo County

San Luis Obispo County will incorporate the following elements into its Whole Person Care Pilot Project:

  1. Development of close working relationships between organizations;
  2. Provider access to valid, real-time data to identify needs and provide services to the target population, coordinate across organizations, and evaluate services;
  3. Processes and practices to facilitate communication among providers; and
  4. Flexible policy/guidelines and mechanisms that support solutions that reduce health care costs.

The WPCPP is human centered and focused on various dimensions of wellness (e.g. physical, emotional, financial, social, spiritual, and others) that promote overall well-being. Through comprehensive care planning that includes these elements, we can better assess and provide services based on waht each community member needs. The WPCPP is therefore fluid based on individual patient needs and is rooted in compassion, access to care, retention of services, and recovery.


Care Coordination Coalition

The San Luis Obispo County Care Coordination Coalition (CCC) is a group of service providers aiming to improve the continuum of care and services for residents through improved collaboration amon SLO County healthcare providing organizations; joint problem-solving of local health care system issues and policy, and plan and procedure development to create local, coordinated solutions. Partners include, but are not limited to hospitas skilled nursing facilities, managed care, local government entities, community health agencies, health care providers, community-based organizations and others.

Defining Values:

  • Healthcare is a right for all residents, CCC aims to ensure that everyone has equal access to an excellent standard of care.
  • Focus on the collective, and not on individual agency interests, ensuring that partner organizations maintain focus on community needs over the interests of individual agencies.
  • Client confidentiality and safety is of utmost importance. Each of the CCC Partners seek solutions to difficult community wide problems.
  • bringing related efforts together under one collaborative umbrella that guides efficient and effective outcomes.


  • Define health care system problems to access care and resources for all residents.
  • prioritize problems and define resources in use by community healthcare partners and solve access prroblems.
  • Utilize existing data, plans, and programs as the basis for future projects and program improvement to minimize waste and duplication of services.
  • Bringing related efforts under one collaboratice umbrealla to guide the most efficient and effective outcomes of collective work.