Aflac Accident Insurance

The voluntary Accident Insurance plan offered through Aflac provides added protection for expenses related to an accident such as ER visits, hospitalization, physical therapy, or specific injuries are also eligible for benefits under this policy. This plan pays you a lump sum cash benefit when you experience a qualifying event. Coverage is available for you, your spouse and dependent children. Coverage is provided with no health questions and is paid in addition to your medical coverage. For more information about exclusions and other plan details review the Summary of Benefit (SOB) below.

Aflac Accident Insurance Benefits
Injuries Requiring Surgery and Hospital Lump Sum Benefit Amount
Hospital Emergency Room with X-Ray / without X-ray $350 / $250
Hospital Admission $1,750 per confinement
Ambulance (within 90 days after the accident) $400 ground / $1,200 air
Outpatient Surgery and Anesthesia $400
Inpatient Surgery and Anesthesia (per day, within one year) $1,250
Major Diagnostic Testing (once per accident, within 6 months after the accident) $300
Pain Management $100
Concussion $500
Traumatic Brain Injury $5,000
Coma (once per accident) $10,000
Lacerations (once per accident, within 7 days after accident) $50 - $800
Dismemberment $125 - $25,000
Paralysis $5,000 - $10,000
Additional Benefits Lump Sum Benefit Amount
Emergency Dental Work $100 extraction / $400 repair with a crown
Burns (2nd degree) $100 - $1,000 (10% - more than 35%)
Dislocations Up to $4,000 based on schedule
Fractures Up to $5,000 based on schedule
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (once per accident, within 6 months after accident) $200
Transportation (greater than 100 miles from the insured's residence, 3 times per accident, within 6 months after the accident) $500 plan / $200 any ground transportation
Wellness Benefit/Screening $50 - once per calendar year

Submitting a Claim

After you have experienced a qualifying event you may submit a claim online at or download and submit the claim form directly to Aflac via fax or mail using the related pages below.

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Phone: (800) 433-3036


Group Policy Number: CA17800


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