Alfac Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Aflac Hospital Indemnity Plan

Benefits Overview

This is a voluntary plan that pays you a lump sum cash benefit when you are confined to a hospital, whether  for planned or unplanned reasons that can assist you with related out of pocket medical expenses or anything else you may need the cash for, like your mortgage. See the plan document for more details.

Voluntary Hospital Indemnity

Benefit Amount


Issue Ages

Employee: 18+

Spouse: 18+

Children: Under the age 25

Guaranteed Issue

Guaranteed issue coverage is offered to all eligible applications during the initial enrollment and for new hires thereafter. At the group’s first anniversary, late enrollees are eligible to enroll on a guaranteed issue basis.

Waiting Period

No waiting period

Pre-Existing Condition Clause


Benefit Reduction

No reduction at any age

Waiver of Premium

After 90 days of total disability due to covered sickness or accidental injury for up to 12 months

Hospital Admission


Hospital Confinement

$200 up to 31 days per accident

Hospital Intensive Care

(This benefit is payable in addition to the Hospital Confinement Benefit.)

$200 up to 10 days per accident

Intermediate Intensive Care Step-Down Unit

(This benefit is payable in addition to the Hospital Confinement Benefit.)

$100 up to 10 days per accident

Rehab Benefit

Not covered

Wellness/Health Screening

$50, once per calendar year

Mammography Screening

$100, once per calendar year

Pregnancy Coverage


Mental and Emotional Disorder Coverage


Submitting a Claim

After you have experienced a qualifying event you may submit a claim online at or download and submit the claim form directly to Aflac via fax or mail using the related pages below.

Contact Information

Aflac- 1-800-433-3036

Group Policy Number: C8000


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