GotZoom has partnered with the County of San Luis Obispo to help you navigate your Federal Student Loans. GotZoom provides you with the tools and support to navigate your Federal Student Loans in two main ways.

  1. GotZoom analyzes your Federal Student Loans and determines which combination of programs offered through the Department of Education (DOE) will provide you the highest level of benefit. You will be provided with an analysis and plan structure in a 1-on-1 virtual meeting with your assigned analyst at GotZoom. There is zero cost to you for the analysis and plan determination.
  2. If you choose to move forward, GotZoom will prepare all case files for the DOE and assign a Case Manager to complete your certification. GotZoom is a white glove concierge service that will do all the work on your behalf for not only the initial certification but also all annual re-certifications as long as you retain the benefit plan. (Please note that re-certification is a yearly process). You will receive a one-time discounted initial certification fee of $407.00, followed by twelve (12) monthly installments of $32.95, and a maintenance fee of $32.95 per month, thereafter.

How to Get Started: 

  1. Access your secure portal at
  2. Register your account! Note: GotZoom uses two-factor authentication so have your phone or email ready.
  3. Answer a few questions.
  4. Schedule your assessment for a date and time that works for you.
  5. Have your appointment with a financial analyst!

Important! GotZoom does not refinance loans. GotZoom's sole purpose is keeping you in a Federal Student Loan Program with the maximum forgiveness for which you qualify.   



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