Deferred Compensation

Beginning September 28, 2017, Nationwide is the new provider for the Deferred Compensation Plan. You can review the transition brochure for details regarding the transition, new plan provisions, investment options, and contact information.

To set up your  account with Nationwide you may call 877-677-3678 to obtain your account number and set up your PIN. Or, you can reference your new account number from Nationwide from your quarterly statement. With your new Nationwide account number, you will then be able to establish your on-line account by visiting  


For routine inquiries (e.g., balance inquiries, beneficiary changes, address changes, etc.) about your Deferred Compensation account you may call Nationwide at 877-677-3678.

For more involved questions, to enroll in the Deferred Compensation Plan or to discuss your account, Lupita Ayala and Loren Farfan are the Nationwide representatives assigned to San Luis Obispo County. For inquiries or to make an appointment, please call or email them at:

     Lupita Ayala:  818-798-8159     [email protected]

     Loren Farfan: 818-642-8191     [email protected]