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Notice of Availability DEIR for SUB2020-00047 (Dana Reserve Specific Plan)

00 Title Page and TOC

Title Page and Table of Contents

0 Executive Summary

Executive Summary

1 Introduction


2 Project Description

Project Description

3 Environmental Setting

Environmental Setting

4 Environmental Impacts Analysis

Environmental Impacts Analysis

4-1 Aesthetics


4-2 Agriculture Forestry Resources

Agriculture and Forestry Resources

4-3 Air Quality

Air Quality

4-4 Biological Resources

Biological Resources

4-5 Cultural Resources

Cultural Resources

4-6 Energy


4-7 Geology and Soils

Geology and Soils

4-8 GHG Emissions

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

4-9 Hazards Hazardous Materials

Hazards and Hazardous Materials

4-10 Hydrology Water Quality

Hydrology and Water Quality

4-11 Land Use Planning

Land Use Planning

4-12 Mineral Resources

Mineral Resources

4-13 Noise


4-14 Population Housing

Population and Housing

4-15 Public Services

Public Services

4-16 Recreation


4-17 Transportation


4-18 Tribal Cultural Resources

Tribal Cultural Resources

4-19 Utilities Service Systems

Utilities and Service Systems

4-20 Wildfire


5 Alternatives Analysis

Alternatives Analysis

6 Other CEQA Considerations

Other CEQA Considerations

7 Mitigation Monitoring Reporting Plan

Mitigation Monitoring Reporting Plan

8 References Report Preparation

References Report Preparation

Appendix A - Dana Reserve Specific Plan

Dana Reserve Specific Plan

Appendix B - Dana Reserve Specific Plan IS NOP Public Comments

Dana Reserve Specific Plan IS NOP Public Comments

Appendix C - Off Site Improvements Mapbook

Off Site Improvements Mapbook

Appendix D - AQ GHG Background Information

Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Background Information

Appendix E - Biological Resources Background Information

Biological Resources Background Information

Appendix F - Energy Background Information

Energy Background Information

Appendix G - Geology and Soils Background Information

Geology and Soils Background Information

Appendix H - Hydrology and Water Quality Background Information

Hydrology and Water Quality Background Information

Appendix I - Noise Background Information

Noise Background Information

Appendix J - Transportation Background Information

Transportation Background Information

Appendix K - Wildfire Background Information

Wildfire Background Information

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