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The Department of Planning and Building Permit Center is open by appointment only for limited building permit intake, correction returns/pick-up and to schedule virtual meetings. To submit electronic Building Permit or Land Use Permit Applications please visit  our website.

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Forms & Documents > Plans and Elements > Community Plans

Name Description Type
Avila Community Plan Folder
Los Osos Community Plan Update Files Folder
California Valley Village Plan California Valley Village Plan File
Creston Village Plan Creston Village Plan File
Edna Village Plan Edna Village Plan File
Heritage Ranch Village Plan Heritage Ranch Village Plan File
Nipomo Community Plan Nipomo Community Plan File
North County Villages Plan North County Villages Plan File
Oak Shores Village Plan Oak Shores Village Plan File
Oceano Inland Community Plan Oceano Inland Community Plan File
San Miguel Community Plan San Miguel Community Plan File
Santa Margarita Community Plan Santa Margarita Community Plan File
Shandon Community Plan Shandon Community Plan File
South County Villages Plan South County Villages Plan File
Templeton Community Plan Templeton Community Plan File

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Public Information and Permit Processing Online Services

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