Lot Line Adjustment - Attachments Necessary for an Online Submittal

Download a copy of the Land Division – Checklist & Application Package, and review the checklist on pages 1 - 3.  This checklist lists identifies all attachments needed to apply online for a preliminary lot line adjustment map. When reviewing the checklist, you will need:

  • Land Division Application - completed and signed
  • Preliminary Lot Line Adjustment Map - Please ensure the map number is printed on the map. Obtain a LLA map number here, if you have not already.
  • Title Report - dated within the last six months for each parcel
  • Legal Lot Verification - Lot Legality (Parcel Legality)
  • Lot Line Adjustment Justification or Reason 
  • Improvements Statement
  • Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells Statement (if applicable) 
  • Any other supplemental information


Apply for a Lot Line Adjustment online through PermitSLO by selecting Subdivision Application.