The Draft 2019 IRWM Plan has been released for public review.

The SLO County Flood Control and Water Conservation District has initiated a 30-day public comment period for the Draft 2019 IRWM Plan. This public comment period will be in parallel with DWR's review of the plan for consistency with the guidelines. The District will compile public comments and DWR comments into one final plan for individual agency adoptions.

The District wants to note the State Guidelines Requirements Table, located in Appendix L. This table documents where the plan meets the various standards required by the State. In addition, it highlights the requirements that are new for this Plan iteration.

A Public Draft Presentation is scheduled for February 25th, 2:30 - 4pm to highlight the major updates to the Plan, look back at the successes of IRWM in San Luis Obispo County, and discuss what's next for IRWM. This meeting will be held at the SLO City/County Library Community Room. More information about this meeting, including an agenda, will be posted here as the meeting date approaches.

Until then, please find the following files below:

  • Draft 2019 IRWM Plan 
  • A summary of the significant changes compared to the 2014 Plan
  • Schedule for review and adoption of the Plan.
  • 2014 IRWM Plan (for reference)

For more information about the requirements, please visit DWR's IRWM webpage.

Once the public review is complete, the 2019 IRWM Plan will start the adoption process:

  1. RWMG recommends re-adoption by Board of Supervisors
  2. WRAC recommends re-adoption by Board of Supervisors
  3. Board of Supervisors re-adopts plan at a public meeting
  4. RWMG Members re-adopt plan

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