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State Water Project and Subcontractors Advisory Committee

State Water Project History

1963: San Luis Obispo County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (District) enters into agreement with the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) for up to 25,000 acre-feet per year of State water allocation.

1992-1993: 4,830 acre-feet of State water subscribed by eleven District subcontractors.

1994-‚Äč1998: Design and construction of the SWP Coastal Branch pipeline and CCWA’s Polonio Pass Water Treatment Plant. District contracts with the Central Coast Water Authority (CCWA) for water treatment plant and pipeline operation and maintenance.

1997: State water deliveries to the central coast began.

Committee Member Agencies

  • Avila Beach Community Services District
  • Avila Valley Mutual Water Company
  • California Men's Colony
  • City of Morro Bay
  • City of Pismo Beach 
  • County Operations Center
  • County Service Area 16 (Shandon) 
  • Cuesta College
  • Oceano Community Services District
  • San Luis Coastal Unified School District
  • San Luis Obispo County Flood Control & Water Conservation District
  • San Miguelito Mutual Water Company
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Notice No. 20-05 – 2020 State Water Project Allocation Increase from 15 to 20 Percent

Meeting Calendar – Agendas and Minutes

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Bylaws – State Water Subcontractors Advisory Committee

Water Flows - July 18, 1997

Subcontractor Water Service Amount Drought Buffer Total Reserved

Chorro Valley Turnout

~$1,100 per AF

City of Morro Bay

1,313 2,290 3,603

CA Men's Colony

400 400 800

County OP Center

425 425 850

Cuesta College

200 200 400

Lopez Turnout

~$1,000 per AF

City of Pismo Beach

1,240 1,240 2,480

Oceano CSD

750 750 1500

San Miguelito MWC

275 275 550

Avila Beach CSD

100 100 200

Avila Valley MWC

20 20 40

San Luis Coastal USD

7 7 14


100 0 100
TOTAL 4,830 5,707 10,537

Excess Allocation

25,000 Acre-Feet
-4,830 (subcontractors)
-5,707 (drought buffer)
= 14,463 'Excess Allocation'

'Excess Allocation' can be used:

  • to ensure achievement of full allocation in years of low delivery from State (<100%).
  • by utilizing an available storage program to save it for drought years.
  • for turnback pools (sell to the state or other contractors).
  • for permanent sale.
  • for yearly/multi-year sales under State initiated programs (e.g. during drought emergencies).
  • after expansion of facilities and/or contract negotiation

Relations with the Central Coast Water Authority

  • Exploring options to maximize use of facilities and allocations.
  • Protecting the contractual rights of existing sub-contractor pipeline capacity is critical while exploring options for future use.
  • Any new sub-contractor would need to 'Buy In' through negotiations - in addition to addressing other operational issues.

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