Arroyo Grande Groundwater Basin

SGMA and the Arroyo Grande Subbasin

Prior to DWR’s creation of the AG Subbasin, both the County of San Luis Obispo and the City of Arroyo Grande formed Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs) within their respective service areas to fully cover the AG Subbasin.  Subsequently, the Arroyo Grande Subbasin was designated as a very low priority basin. Therefore, it is currently not subject to SGMA requirements. However, the County received state grant funding to develop a GSP in compliance with the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA).  The County of San Luis Obispo GSA and the City of Arroyo Grande GSA jointly developed a Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) for the sustainable management of the Arroyo Grande Subbasin. The technical analysis resulting from the GSP will provide information necessary for the preparation of the Arroyo Grande Creek Habitat Conservation Plan under development by the San Luis Obispo County Flood Control and Water Conservation District as well as a better overall understanding of the hydrogeologic processes (i.e., surface water and groundwater interconnections) in the Arroyo Grande Creek Watershed, both of which would assist with effective management of the District’s Zone 3.

Click here to view the Final Arroyo Grande Subbasin GSP

Draft GSP documents and workshop materials can be accessed via the GSP Resources folder.

Interactive Map of the Arroyo Grande Subbasin

Welcome to the SGMA Interactive Data Viewer for the Arroyo Grande Subbasin! This is an interactive mapping system to help you to navigate around the Arroyo Grande Subbasin by panning, zooming, or searching for a specific parcel or street address that you would like to locate. There are different map layers that can be shown and superimposed in this interactive mapping system such as boundaries of groundwater basins, cities, roads, SGMA eligible entities, and others by checking the layer names indicated on the left panel layer menu. To search and locate a specific APN or street address on the map:

  1. Enter either the nine-digit parcel number (APN) including hyphens or the complete street address in the “Search...” bar on the upper right hand corner of the map screen and then click on the search button to locate it. The APN or street address that you just entered will appear on the left panel and a location marker will show up on the map to identify the location.
  2. Click on the APN or street address name shown on the left panel layer menu will zoom in to the specified location for a close-up look

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