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Name Description
App_A_SLOCFWCD Adoption Reso

Placeholder for the adoption resolution of the 2019 IRWM Plan - this hearing is tentatively scheduled for July 2020


Memorandum of Understanding for SLO County Regional Water Management Group (RWMG) Members

App_C_Public Workshops and RWMG Meetings

Public Workshops and RWMG Meetings

App_D_Tribal Outreach

Tribal Outreach documentation

App_E_Supply and Demand

Supply and Demand discussion

App_F_Project Lists

Supplemental information for Section 6 of the IRWM Plan - Full Project List and Implementation List

App_F1_Full Project List Full Project List is updated in the main IRWM Program document folder.
App_G_Groundwater Basin Descriptions

Additional information about individual groundwater basins around San Luis Obispo County

App_H SLO Watershed Management Plan

IRWM Grant funded report on watersheds across San Luis Obispo County

App_I_Stormwater Resource Plan

Placeholder for Stormwater Resources Plan (SWRP) - pending concurrence of the current Final Draft SWRP by the State Water Resources Control Board

App_J_Climate Change

Reference material for Section 14 Climate Change

App_K_Disadvantaged Community Needs Assessment

Placeholder for the Disadvantaged Community Needs Assessment for when it's complete and been reviewed by the RWMG

App_L_State Guidelines Requirements Table

Details how the 2019 IRWM Plan meets DWR's guidelines

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