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Section_00_Table of Contents

Cover Page, Preface and Table of Contents




Reference Map for Section 1


Governance, Stakeholder Outreach and Plan Implementation


Region Description - including Water Planning Areas, Watersheds, Disadvantaged Communities, Environmental Resources, etc.


Reference Maps for Section 3

Section_04_Goals and Objectives

Goals and Objectives

Section_05_Resource Management Strategies

Resource Management Strategies

Section_06_Project Review Process

Project Review Process including Project lists and methodology for responding to funding opportunities

Section_07_Plan Benefits and Impacts

Discussion of the benefits and impacts of implementing this plan and the proposed projects

Section_08_Plan Performance and Monitoring

Description of how the plan intends to monitor itself

Section_09_Data Management

Data management and collection

Section_10_Financing Strategies

Currently understanding of various funding and financing strategies available to project sponsors

Section_11_Technical Analysis

A summary of local and regional planning efforts and their connection(s) to IRWM Plan goals and objectives

Section_12_Local Water and Land Planning

Descriptions of relationships between various propositions and key water planning documents (i.e. UWMPs) and the IRWM Plan

Section_13_Planning Coordination

Summary of the past and/or on-going coordination activities members of the RWMG engage with

Section_14_Climate Change

Discussion of Climate Change in accordance with State guidelines as well as the vulnerability assessment performed as part of the IRWM Plan update

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