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Public Works will re-open our front counter to the public on July 6 and start providing some modified services.  Our hours will be 8 – 5, with closure from 12 – 1:30 for sanitation. Masks are mandatory in our building, and we ask that you adhere to physical distancing protocol. We will have limited services at our front counter and will not be accepting drop in meetings.  Please contact 805-781-5252 to make an appointment with staff.  Bus passes can be purchased at the Kiosk on the corner of Osos and Palm or by phone via Follow us on Twitter @SLOCountyPWD for the latest updates.

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Name Description Type
2014-Resident-Vessel-Program File
2020-07 Vessel Inspection Combined Report 2020-07 Vessel Inspection Combined Report File
2020-07 IM Monitoring Summary Report 2020-07 IM Monitoring Summary Report File
An-Unwelcome-North-American-Invader An Unwelcome North American Invader File
Biology-and-Ecology-of-the-Quagga-Mussel Biology and Ecology of the Quagga Mussel File
Boat-Launch-Permit-Revamp-v5 File
Don-t-Move-A-Mussel-Brochure Don't Move a Mussel Brochure File
Don-t-Move-A-Mussel-Poster Don't Move a Mussel Poster File
Don-t-Pick-Up-Hitchhikers Don't Pick Up Hitchhikers File
Mussel-Identification Mussel Identification File
Nacimiento-Community-Participation-Resolution File
Nacimiento-Private-Ramp-Resolution File
Nacimiento-Resident-Vessel-Application File
Nacimiento-Resident-Vessel-Renewal-Application File
NPS-Quagga-Prevention-Guide NP5 Quagga Prevention Guide File
NY-Fire-Control-Equipment NY Fire Control Equipment File
NY-Quagga-Control-in-Residential-Water-Systems NY Quagga Control in Residential Water Systems File
NY-Zebra-Mussel-FAQs NY Zebra Mussel FAQs File
Quagga-Mussel-Running-History-112107 Quagga Mussel Running History 112107 File
Quagga-Mussels-Summary-032708 Quagga Mussels Summary 032708 File
Resident-Vessel-Program-Brochure File
SBC-Parks-Quagga-Mussel-Overview-010108 SBC Parks Quagga Mussel Overview 010108 File
USFW-Quagga-Mussels-Info USFW Quagga Mussels Info File

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