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Contact Public Works via web form, email, or call us at (805) 781-5252.

Los Osos Water Conservation Rebate Program - For Homeowner Installation

Who can use this service?

Most residents of Los Osos are eligible for rebates. Please verify eligibility on the conservation rebate boundary map.

What is the process?

Step 1: Schedule your inspection

Call (805) 788-6633 to schedule your pre-inspection to verify eligible water saver fixtures.

Step 2: Purchase and Install

Purchase and install your eligible water saver fixtures.

Step 3: Schedule Post-Inspection

Schedule a post-inspection to submit the original dated receipt with the price, model, and brand of each fixture listed individually and complete the signed application. Keep a copy for your records. During this inspection the County will certify your home as water-saver compliant.

Step 4: Receive your Rebate

Property owners typically receive rebate checks in 10 business days.

Is there a charge for this service?

This service is provided free of charge.

When and where is this service offered?

This service is available throughout the year during regular business hours except during scheduled holidays.

Location, directions and hours of operation

Click on location name to show hours of operation, directions and phone information

Public Works Main Office

Monday - Friday 8-5

976 Osos Street Room 206 San Luis Obispo, CA 93408

Tel: (805) 781-5252

Fax: (805) 781-1229

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there rebates for outdoor conservation?

No. Contact your local water purveyor for more information.

Are these water-saver fixtures mandatory for connection to the sewer?

Yes. All properties must be water-saver compliant in order to hook up to the sewer. You will not be able to obtain a building permit for your on-lot sewer lateral connection without certification that your house is water-saver compliant.

The new wastewater plant is scheduled to be operational in March 2016. Once you receive your Connection Notification, you will have 6 months to switch your sewer lateral from the septic tank to the new sewer. Connection Notifications will be mailed as early was March 2016.

Can I get a rebate for a clothes washer or dishwasher?

Yes, anyone can upgrade to a Tier 3, Water Factor 4 clothes washer and receive a $450 rebate. The dishwasher rebate is not available at this time.

Can I get a rebate for fixtures I installed before the program began?

No. Rebates are only offered for fixtures purchased after June 20, 2017.

Can I get a rebate for installation if I install it myself?

No. The installation rebate is only offered for work done by licensed plumbers or contractors.

Can I receive a certificate that says my property is water-saver compliant?

Yes. After a pre-inspection or verification you may request a Water Saver Certificate if your fixtures are water-saver compliant.

Do you have a list of plumbers that would do this retrofit work?

Yes. You can find a list of plumbers by clicking here. Also, any licensed plumber is qualified to do the work.

Does a county inspector have to come out to do the pre and post inspections?

If you know you need new fixtures you may contract with a licensed plumber, then send in the rebate form and plumber inspection form when the work is done.

The plumber’s itemized invoice/work order and Plumber inspection form can substitute for County inspections.

Pre and post inspections preformed by the County are required if you do the work yourself.

How long do I have to retrofit to water-saver fixtures?

Your home must be retrofitted before it can hook up to the sewer. You will not be able to get a building permit for your on-lot construction work without being certified as water-saver compliant. The rebates were recently extended by the Board of Supervisors on June 20, 2017, and will be available until funds run out. 

Is there a cost associated with the water survey inspections?

No. Call our hotline at (805) 788-6633 to schedule an inspection if you are unsure what needs to be retrofitted or are planning on doing the work yourself.

Is there a different rebate option for commercial properties?

No, the rebate is the same as residential sites for toilets and showerheads.

Pre and post inspections from the County are required. 

Is there a list of eligible toilets (and other fixtures)?

Any toilet or showerheads with an EPA water sense label qualifies for our rebate including dual flush models that equal 1.28gpf or less. Showerheads need to be less than 1.5gpm. Click here a list of toilets and aerators.

What are the rebate amounts available?

Measures Required for Connection to the Wastewater System

Fixture or Appliance

Existing Fixture Flow Rate

New Fixture Flow Rate Eligible for Rebate



Residential & Commercial

Greater than 1.6 gpf

1.28 gpf or less



Residential & Commercial

Greater than 2.0 gpm

1.5 gpm or less


Faucet Aerators Residential

Greater than 1.5 gpm

1.5 gpm or less


Faucet Aerators Commercial

Greater than 0.5 gpm

0.5 gpm


Urinals Commercial

Greater than 1.0 gpf

0.5 gpf or less


Preā€rinse Spray Valves Commercial

Greater than 1.15 gpm

1.15 gpm or less


Optional Measures Eligible for Rebates

(Requires Connection to the Wastewater System and Compliance with Above Measures)


Residential & Commercial

Equal to 1.6 gpf

1.0 1.28 gpf or less



Residential & Commercial

Less than Tier 3, Water

Factor 4

Tier 3, Water Factor 4

or Less

$150 $450


Hot Water Recirc System

Residential & Commercial





Residential & Commercial

1.5 gpm or more

Less than 1.5 gpm


Complete Gray Water System




Laundry only Gray Water System




Recycled Water Irrigation Commercial & Institutional




Alternative Measures

1.28 gpf toilet

1.5 gpm showerhead

1.5 gpm faucet aerators

Needs prior approval


gpf = gallons per flush gpm = gallons per minute

NOTES: (1) Rebate not retroactive to prior rebated or prior purchased appliances

What do I need to do in order to be water-saver compliant?

In order to be water-saver compliant you must have 1.6gpf toilets or less, 2.0gpm showerheads or less, and 1.5gpm aerators or less. If you have 1.6gpf toilets, you do not need to retrofit, but if your toilets use more than 1.6gpf you must retrofit to 1.28gpf. And if your showerheads flow more than 2.0gpm you must retrofit to 1.5gpm.

If your fixtures already meet the water-saver criteria, you must have a plumber or County staff certify your fixtures. The County is offering free verification. Call the hotline (805) 788-6633 to schedule your free verification inspection.

Where can I dispose of the used toilet?

You can contact your waste disposal service and get it picked up from your house for a fee. The County no longer has a drop-off bin.

Where can I get the fixtures provided by the County?

The County has not started this part of the program yet. Local home improvement stores and plumbers have many options for water-saver fixtures that are priced for less than the County rebate amount.

Who receives the rebate check?

Property owners only. Renters may receive rebate checks if approved by the property owner. If you are a property management firm, please contact the County for more information.

Contact Public Works via web form, email, or call us at (805) 781-5252.