Public Works Maps and Surveys

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GIS of Survey Maps

GIS of the County Survey Maps and Corner Records.  Open Map in New Page | Search Map Index

Interactive Bikeway Map

GIS map of all County maintained bridges and plans for proposed bikeway improvements and installations.

Interactive Groundwater Basins Map

Groundwater basins throughout San Luis Obispo County.

Los Osos Sewer Lateral and Septic Tank Locations

Locations for sewer laterals and septic tanks in Los Osos.


County maps available for reference and download.

Public Works GIS

The Department of Public Works maintains GIS information for Road Closures and Delays, Los Osos Sewer Laterals, Survey Map Indexes, and Groundwater Basins.

Record Map Index

Scans of the County's recorded maps. These include: Records of Survey, Tract Maps, Parcel Maps, Corner Records, and other miscellaneous maps.

Record Plan Index

Scans of various County engineering plans including: bridges, curbs, Parcel and Tract Map Improvement Plans, Road Plans, Right of Way Plans, and State Highway Plans.

Road Closures and Delays

Road closures and delays due to ongoing projects, events, or storms.


Road closures and delays are subject to change due to weather.

SLO Watersheds

Watershed maps and data for San Luis Obispo County.

Street Sweeping Schedule

Schedules for street sweeping performed monthly on designated County-maintained roads. The street sweeping program encompasses urbanized areas as designated by NPDES MS4 boundaries.

Survey Map Review

The County Surveyor's office reviews all Records of Survey and Corner Records filed in the county. We also review Parcel Maps and Tract Maps that are processed by the County.

See our forms section for: checklist, forms, informational documents and other documents pertaining to the survey map review process.