Traffic Counts

The data contained in this report has been gathered and published by the Transportation Division of the County of San Luis Obispo Public Works Department. The report primarily contains data for County maintained roads. For count information on City streets contact the appropriate City’s Public Works Department. For counts on State Highways and Interchanges contact the California Department of Transportation District 5 office at (805) 549-3378 or the traffic count website at

The report includes information about the following categories:
Location No. - Represents a unique count location. The first three digits indicate the location, while the fourth digit indicates the direction of the traffic being counted. (0: Two-way count, 1: Northbound, 2: Eastbound, 3: Southbound, 4: Westbound)
Road Name & Nearest Cross Street - Summarizes the approximate location of the count.
Date - Indicates the date the count began.
ADT - Indicates the average daily traffic volume for the duration of the count.
Peak & Peak Volume - Indicates the time and traffic volume for the highest AM and PM peak hour for the duration of the count.
Peak Day Volume - Indicates the day of the week and the traffic volume on the highest day for the duration of the count.

The traffic counts contained in this report are for the last ten years. Older count information is available upon request. The County of San Luis Obispo does not guarantee the accuracy of the data contained in this report. For more information or any other traffic engineering questions contact the Department of Public Works Transportation Division at (805) 781-5252.

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Avila Beach Drive
Price Canyon Road
Buckley Road
Los Osos Valley Road (Discontinued)
Nacimiento Lake Drive (Discontinued)