Water Conservation

Statewide & Local Response to Water Conservation

Below are the State mandated water conservation regulations that continue to remain in effect:


  • No watering of outdoor landscapes that cause runoff
  • No using hoses without shut-off nozzles
  • No using water in a fountain or decorative water feature, unless the water is recirculated
  • No washing of driveways & sidewalks
  • No outdoor irrigation during and 48 hours following rain


  • Restaurants and other food service establishments can only serve water to customers upon request
  • Hotels and Motels must provide guests with the option of not having towels and linens laundered daily

Community Resources

The following mailers were mailed in July 2015 to residents in the communities of Cayucos, Santa Margarita, and Shandon. The mailers described the current water restrictions, at the time, as well as provided tips for conserving water.

If you own or operate a vacation rental, please provide your guests with information on how they may help us preserve water during their stay. A water saving information card is available for printing by clicking one of the following:

Or, call (805)-781-5135 and request hard copies of the Table Tent Card be sent to you. The information card available from our office, may be folded into a tent for convenient display in your vacation rental property as shown.

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Drought Hotline - (805) 781- 5135

Water Conservation Resources

San Luis Obispo County Partners in Water Conservation

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San Luis Obispo County Drought Update