Jail Information

The primary function of the County Jail is to house pretrial arrestees and sentenced inmates in a safe and secure environment, providing protection of the community. The jail houses both male and female inmates in maximum, medium and minimum security housing locations. It also provides for the health and welfare of the inmates and has the responsibility of transporting those inmates to and from locations outside of the jail.


For more information about the County Jail, please visit the Sheriff's Office website.


Alternative Sentencing

The County of San Luis Obispo Sheriff's Office Alternative Sentencing Unit (ASU) offers a Home Detention Program (HDP) for inmates who are sentenced to twenty (20) days or more up to 364 days in the County Jail, and an Alternative Work Program (AWP) for inmates sentenced to twenty (20) days or less. 

You can find more information about the Alternative Sentencing Program on the County Sheriff's Office website.

Jail-Related Frequently Asked Questions

For frequently asked questions and more information about the County of San Luis Obispo Jail, visit the County Sheriff's Office Jail FAQ Website. 

Who's In Custody

The County of San Luis Obispo Sheriff's Office supplies information regarding information about who is currently in custody of the San Luis Obispo Jail.