Veterans Preference

To be considered for Veterans Preference, you must verify that the County Veterans Services Office, located at 801 Grand Avenue, San Luis Obispo, California, 93401, has your Application for Veterans Preference Form on file, as well as your DD214 and any other supporting documents.  Please do not assume that the County Veterans Services Office has this documentation on record for any reason.

Instructions for completing Veterans Preference Application

  1. Write applicant’s last name and applicant’s first name where the form asks for “last name” and “first name.”
  2. Write only the social security number of theVeteran on the designated line.
  3. Write the veteran’s name next to the “Name used in service” line as it is appears on the discharge document (DD214 or Certificate of Discharge).
  4. If the Veteran’s name has changed since the issuance of the discharge document, please provide proof of the legal name change to the County of SLO Veterans Services Office. 

Documentary evidence is as follows:

VETERANS:  Documentary evidence of honorable wartime service in the Armed Forces (DD 214).

DISABLED VETERANS: Documentary evidence of honorable wartime service in the Armed Forces (DD214); and Veterans Administration letter dated within the last year verifying service connected disabled status.  V.A. letter must be submitted with each employment application.

SPOUSE OF DISABLED VETERAN:  Documentary evidence of veteran's honorable wartime service in the Armed Forces (DD214); evidence of permanent and total disability of veteran; marriage certificate.

WIDOW(ER): Documentary evidence of veteran's honorable wartime service in the Armed Forces (DD214); marriage certificate; evidence of death of veteran.

If you need to REQUEST A COPY OF YOUR DD214 (Discharge Documents) follow the below link showing all the information on it.

If you are simply in need of your DD214, you can link to the inter-active form [meaning you can complete it right on your computer] print it out and mail it to:


National Personnel Records Center

(Military Personnel Records)

9700 Page Avenue

St. Louis, MO 63132-5100


Below  is the link directly to the SF-180 form: