Disabled Veterans Exemption

The Disabled Veterans' Exemption is an initial claim filed with the Assessor's Office (or an annual claim if low-income). It is available under certain conditions to 100% Disabled Veterans and the spouses of deceased veterans.

Please visit the County Assessor's Office Disabled Veterans' Exemption page for more information. 

Disabled Veterans' Exemption Change of Eligibility Report

The Disabled Veterans' Exemption Change of Eligibility Report is filed with the Assessor if a Disabled Veteran claimant has moved or no longer qualifies.

Please visit the County Assessor's Office Disabled Veterans' Exemption Change of Eligibility Report page for more information. 

Related Services

Veteran Disability Compensation

To schedule an appointment or for information regarding VA benefits, please call (805) 781-5766.

To fax to our office, dial (805) 781-5769.

To reach Breanne Salmon, Mental Health Counselor, dial (805) 748-2403 or email [email protected].

To reach Supportive Services for Veterans Families (SSVF), regarding eligibility for homeless services, contact Jory Rogers at (805) 503-0944 or (805) 237-0352.