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Name Description Type Action
County-of-SLO-Veterans-Services-Office-Brochure This pamphlet provides an overview of common VA benefits. File Download
If-You-Served-You-Earned This pamphlet is a resource for anyone interested in the general overview of VA benefits. File Download
SLO-Vet-Center This pamphlet describes the services, as well as eligibility for services, offered by the San Luis Obispo Vet Center. File Download
SSVF-Pamplet This pamphlet describes the services and eligibility requirements for CAPSLO's Supportive Services for Veteran Families(SSVF) program. The SSVF program assists homeless and at-risk of becoming homeless veterans and eligible family members. File Download

To schedule an appointment or for information regarding VA benefits, please call (805) 781-5766.

To fax to our office, dial (805) 781-5769.

To reach Breanne Salmon, Mental Health Counselor, dial (805) 748-2403 or email [email protected].

To reach Supportive Services for Veterans Families (SSVF), regarding eligibility for homeless services, contact Jory Rogers at (805) 503-0944 or (805) 237-0352.